Monsoon makeup in corona times: Quintessential hacks to avoid rains from playing spoilsport


From cakey foundations that get transferred on the mask to eye liners that end up getting either smudged or run down by the slightest drizzle. Monsoon arise quite a noteworthy makeup woes. “Normal to oily skin gets oilier during monsoon and needs hydration with a gel based moisturiser. As skin is the canvas for long lasting makeup to stay, it’s important to keep your skin clean by washing your face twice a day and using a toner to prevent the oiliness,” says Arzoo Arora, a Faridabad-based makeup artist and social media influencer.

“Set your foundation with translucent powder using a brush. This step is really important to lock your makeup in and doesn’t let the foundation move during the humid months.” – Arzoo Arora, makeup artist

The monsoon makeup trend that has been a hit of late is ‘au naturel’ or the no makeup look. But, the question is how to make this makeup skin friendly during monsoon? “While applying makeup, use a mattifying primer, and then apply foundation. Set your foundation with translucent powder using a brush. This step is really important to lock your makeup in and doesn’t let the foundation move during the humid months. Finalise your look with a setting spray to give a nice dewy yet shine free look. You may add a matte lipstick, and a liquid liner to the eye as both these products are not transferable easily,” explains Arora.

Must-haves in your monsoon makeup kit:

  • A toner
  • A gel/water-based or less creamy moisturiser
  • A mattifying primer
  • A foundation
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Translucent powder
  • Setting spray

The concern of mask impressions leaving behind a line on the face and ruining the makeup is a thought that’s bothering many who plan to venture out in unlock 3.0. “No makeup can be completely mask friendly! But, a touch up can surely help. Carry a compact with a puff and touch up when you remove the mask, as and when required. Also, use a long staying transfer proof lipstick (which are usually Matt lipsticks) so that there is no transfer of colour on the mask,” advises Gurugram-based makeup and beauty artist Parul Garg, adding, “Use a waterproof or water resistant foundation, lock it with a light powder or compact, and use a good fixing spray in the end. Liquid proof mascaras are a must for these times. The humidity is high so when you sweat, lightly dab with a soft face tissue. Never wipe it off as that will completely ruin your makeup.”

Delhi-based makeup artist Samira Chishty shares an interesting tip for those who enjoy splashing a colour on their lids to highlight their #OOTD during the gloomy monsoon weather. Chishty explains, “Using a vibrant colour on your eyes can instantly make you the centre of attention in the room. Playing with bold colours also signifies confidence. To pull off a monsoon friendly, A+ eyeshadow game, put a primer like a glitter glue that will hold the eye colour in place and use highly pigmented colours so that sweat doesn’t wear them off. Layer eyeshadow colours so that the colour pigments lock in. Don’t use cream eye shadows as they will crease in humidity and cake up. Shimmers stick better than fine powders and look sharp. Be bold and try neon eye shadow colours this monsoon!”

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